Friday, November 11, 2016

October 19th Workgroup Meeting Agenda Notes & Update

Thank you for the great energy and work at our October 19th Meeting! We are grateful for the time you took out of your day to join us for this meeting, and we are honored to work with all of you!

Update since the October 19th meeting:
Amanda Read, YWCA MotherLove Program and LaVie Montgomery, Project NAF, will be visiting Kalamazoo, Michigan for Kalamazoo Infant Mortality Community Action Initiative's 3rd Annual Strategic Intent Meeting where they will learn more about how Kalamazoo is combating infant mortality in their city. Dr. Arthur James will be the keynote speaker at the event, and they also plan to attend a luncheon with Dr. James as well.  Amanda and LaVie would like to know if you have any questions or input that you would like addressed on their visit to Kalamazoo. Please send your thoughts to Amanda at by 11/15.

Next Steps

The strategies/actions that arose from our meeting were:

Action Item
Root Causes of Death data
  • Expand Child Fatality Prev. Task Force to include MAHEC Ob/Gyn physician to go deeper into mother’s health record and social determinants of health as possible contributors to infants’ deaths

Dr. Jennifer Mullendore and Dr. Cindy Brown will work with the Child Fatality Prevention Team to expand representation and gather this data. 
Home Visiting Programs
  •   Convene all programs that currently do home visitation (NFP, Project NAF, Motherlove, CCWNC, Verner, etc.) to identify where the gaps are, etc. (There was discussion about this growing into a longer-term home visitation collaborative, if useful).
  • Pilot post-partum (health care) home visitation

CHIP staff will work with Ami Greene and Dr. Beth Buys to explore next steps
  • Advocacy implementation plan around NC Perinatal Health Strategic Plan

Dr. Arthur Ollendorff and Greg Borom will meet to finalize plan. If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact Maggie Adams, Community Centered Health Home Project Coordinator at

Below are links to the meeting materials as well as the scorecard below:
  • A link to the scorecard can be found here.

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